Friday, 25 June 2010

Ladies Day By The Bay

My finds from a little trip my mum, sister and I took today:
Turquoise Table Eight shirt $3.50 Mordialloc Lions Op Shop
Books (Caddie, Oliver Twist, The Chant of Jimmy Blacksmith) 50c each Mordialloc Lions Op Shop
Zara tshirt $3.99 Salvo's Mordialloc
Tshirt I got at All Souls, Sandringham for $1.25!! They had 50% off everything!!
Panda print Keds $6.99 Savers, Frankston


Gina E. said...

Those shoes are so cute! (And they look comfortable as well - bonus!)

Jac said...

They are adorable - and yes, very comfy! :) They actually fit better than the 2 pairs of Keds I have that I bought brand new funnily enough!

Nat said...

I have those shoes and I love them to death... literally. I can't find any as comfy as those and now I'm resorting to trying to get my hands on another pair. I'm shattered I never saw these