Wednesday, 16 June 2010

The Brotherhood.

Did my usual weekly visit to our local Brotherhood shop and found these bits and pieces:
This matches another little tray I found a few months ago. They are great for casual use, to carry small snacks of food or condiments around the house. $3.50.

My husband is one of the old fashioned MOTHs who uses a brush and stick of shaving soap, which are hard to find in shops these days. So when I saw this for $3, I snapped it up for him.

I like to wear these skivvies under sweaters and jackets, and couldn't pass this one up for $4.
Just after I'd found the skivvy, I found this jumper nearby for $3 - perfect match!

This book about Graham Kennedy had only just arrived in the shop and was sitting on the counter. I asked if it was for sale, and when she said "Yes - $10" I got my purse out! It is a recent book, still in the shops and selling for a lot more than $10. The MOTH and I grew up watching I.M.T. and all Graham's subsequent tv shows, so I had to have this book!


Jac said...

Some great finds there! Great price on the shaving set! I remember my dad used one of those, you definitely don't see them around much anymore. :)

running thread said...

You've grabbed some bargains. I'm alway keen to see what you find.