Saturday, 5 June 2010

Lots of Things Opp Shop, Poath Rd, Hughesdale

Just nabbed a ladies leather jacket.. marked down from $50 to a mere $25!! It's kind of 80s with puffyish arms... I love it!

This was actually a cute little op shop... lots of trinkets and books etc, not much selection in terms of clothes and a little pricier than I have been used to at other op shops. Still, definitely worth a look. There was a pair of leather gloves in the front window for only $10 (I already have 2 pairs so definitely wasn't going to get them!) Will be a great find for somewhere out there. I also noticed there were quite a few cup and saucer sets, pretty floral patterns mostly. Very cute shop, will definitely pop by again after my exams!


Jac said...

You can't really see it but the argyle sweater I'm wearing underneath is a Sportsgirl op shop find which set me back a mere $1.50 at All Souls, Sandrigham!

nicole said...

oh gosh that op shop is amazing!
i bought the cutest pink shoes and an amazing black 80's dress at that shop.
well actually i walked out without paying because i was having the best chat with the lady behind the counter.
don't worry though, i went back and paid my dues ha ha.

Jac said...

Ooh awesome! I actually went back today but did not have any luck... I'm not sure how often they get new stuff in.. do you know?