Thursday, 10 June 2010

Crafty stuff at Vinnies

I've just been catching up with everybody's bargains over the past week - you're all doing real well - love that rainbow coloured knitted item, and the black boots are a steal! Got a pair like that myself in Savers last year - couldn't believe my luck when I tried them on and they fitted perfectly.
I was passing Vinnies in Briar Hill today and as usual, couldn't resist dropping in. This is one of the cleanest and well set out opshops I know. The ladies display most things in colour categories - not just clothes, but kitchenware and bricabrac as well. I feel like I've walked into Myer!
I found some craft mags for 50c each, a gorgeous half metre of fabric for 50c, and a jigsaw for $2. The MOTH and I are not 'into' jigsaw puzzles, but he is into motorcycle racing, so I thought this might be fun on a cold rainy day. He didn't go into raptures when I gave it to him, but he said he might have a go at it one day.

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