Saturday, 8 March 2014

BSL Opshop Eltham, Friday.

I had some great craft finds today!  A variety of matt frames for $1 which will come in handy for all kinds of craft projects.

Two boxes of DMC perle cottons which normally cost a lot more than the $6 I paid for these!

Bag of sewing cottons, 50 cents.
  Large bag of felt $2 - which going by the colours, must have been left over from somebody's Xmas craft projects!  

I wouldn't normally have bought this unfinished home made apron for $1.50, but  I needed a gingham apron to embellish for an apron festival in Ballarat in May, so this will save me making up the apron.  All I have to do is decorate it!

Book for 80cents.  Not about craft, but it's different...interesting.


Aussie Jo said...

Excellent finds Gina

Anonymous said...

Love the vintage packaging that embroidery thread is in!