Monday, 18 April 2011

Hippie chic at Savers

You know how sometimes you don't go opping for ages and then when you do, you just strike GOLD? A few weeks ago (yes, sorry, I'm running a bit late with the blogging) I found all this hippie amazingness at Savers Dandenong. And not to brag or anything, but because I'd managed to get my Savers card stamped a few times, I got 15% off all of this!

Sandler clogs, $2.99, I'm pretty sure they're not that new, so they must be from the '90s as that was the last time there was a big clog revival!

Hand woven (at least I think so) rug, $19.99.

Crushed velvet embroidered pants, made in Pakistan, $4.99... the embroidery is all done by hand. Click here to see what they look like on!

Homemade maxi skirt with huge graphic floral print, $4.99.

Cute Japanese ceramic figurines for $1.99 each and a Vilene (interfacing) user guide for 99c... yet AGAIN with the sticker right over the main part of the cover (one of the only things I don't like about Savers!).

Cute illustrations inside!

I was very happy with this haul, but then went again to Savers the other day and got absolutely nothing. It's just the luck of the day, I suppose.


Lyndel said...

OH I so have to agree with you on Savers and their bl&%@#y stickers! grrrr.. don't ask me how many knitting patterns I have NOT purchased that I truely wanted but NOT with that huge, non-removable, absolutely horrid BIG sticker.

Gina E. said...

Hippy amazingness - LOL! Do you ever wonder why opshops suddenly get a whole heap of stuff on one theme? All of a sudden - Japanese, Chinese, Scottish, craft, and so on. Makes me wonder who has died, and which relative had to clean out the house.

Fourth Daughter said...

YES Gina, know what you mean... I found other Japanese ceramic things there that day too. Maybe it's just the way the universe (or Savers?) works!

Dizzy Miss Lizzy said...

Wow! What fantastic finds! I LOVE the clogs and the maxi skirt!! I live near Savers Frankston and usually find some good stuff there too :)

katiecrackernuts said...

You have such an eye Ms Fourth Daughter. That skirt. The colours are just right.

Miss Claire said...

Oh my, that skirt is gorgeous!! And the clogs!! Lucky find, and so cheap! I have been searching for some closed toe clogs for winter on ebay and have my fingers crossed that a pair from the 70's will pop up in an op-shop!

Love the velvet pants :) Not my style at all, but I once picked up a pair of stretchy crushed velvet hot pants in Savers and thought they'd look good in a lingere-way on a fashionable lass and handed them to a gorgeous thin girl at the change rooms. I was so nervous but thought they'd look great on her! Didn't see her put them back, so hopefully she didn't think I was an idiot :)

Scores galore, I'm jealous!

Jac said...

Dandenong is a great area to find really different items, I find there are always lots more unheard of brands and labels than I see in other suburbs.
I haven't so noticed the trend as much as you and Gina have, but I do agree that when you haven't been op shopping in ages you tend to find a pot of gold when you next go! I'll have to take some snaps of what I bagged today! :)