Wednesday, 6 April 2011

It's all about boots and bags!

This is my first post on this blog so please be gentle!!  Most of my finds come from SE Melbourne where I get to participate in two of my favourite things, op shopping and spending time with my toddler.  We normally head out on the train (part of the fun for him!) and I get one maybe two op shops in exchange for a trip to the park and fifteen hours pushing him on a swing.
You can spot me anywhere on the Frankston line between Cheltenham to Frankston on a dry day normally with a cheerful cheeky chap, on a bad day I can be identified with a stash of edible treats to pacify him and a coffee to see me through the morning.
I am now finding a few like minded people locally and online and thought it was about time to share some of my finds – bit slow on the techie front but better late than never!
This week it’s about old boots & bags!! These were all found from my two local op shops in Chelsea St Chads and Family Life (see their website for more info
I did a double take seeing these boots in pristine condition – gorgeous leather knee length boots from Nine West – perfect for the autumn and winter

I’m also partial to a bag or six!!  The first one is a cute black floral tapestry bag and its partner in crime that caught my eye is a 70s glomesh style bag by Pierre Cardin in white and gold.

I love vintage bags so you'll probably see more from me on that subject in the future
Thanks for taking the time to read!
Vicky – Dogstar Bazaar


Lyndel said...

oh wow Vicky great finds. I absolutely love the tapestry bag, what a find!
Welcome to our little Op Shop Blog, hope you'll become a regular contributor.

Katie said...

Those boots are amazing! What a fantastic find.

Ky said...

Gorgeous boots! What a find!!! Wedges are the bomb. I hope you get many, many wears out of them. Enjoy.

Nelly said...

Those boots look great and I love teh floral bag.You would drool over my collection.

Mark said...

Thanks for the warm welcome!

Dogstar Bazaar said...

Tech/Blog newbie at her best - must rmember to make sure I'm logged out of my partners Gmail first hahaha!

Fourth Daughter said...

Great to see you on here! Fabulous finds, and good technical know-how with that boot mosaic, I have no idea how you did that (I am soooo bad with technology)!

Dogstar Bazaar said...

All done via the power of Picassa - Googles free image thingy. Simple once you do it a couple of times and just as important.... free :-)

coldlight said...

Welcome to the blog!
Great bags, I collect vintage bags so looking forward to seeing more of your finds! :)