Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Fairfield Salvos books

I had some time yesterday so went to the Fairfield Salvos on the way home from Northcote Pool. I was really happy to pick up a couple of books. Fallen by Lauren Kate, described as 'sexy, fascinating and scary'. I hope to read this over Easter while I am away in the country for a few days. The big score of the day was the box set of The Sweet Potato Queen's Big Ass Box of Love which contains 3 volumes. 'Equal parts Erin Brockovich, Erma Bombeck and Dr Ruth. Do not pick up the books unless you have a sense of humour.' I had one volume of this series so was really happy to get this set for only $1.99. The staff member at the shop said it had been wrongly priced and I was lucky to get it.
Sorry about the dodgy photo


Lyndel said...

--- they always say that when you grab a bargain! well done, hope you enjoy them.

Mandi said...

I have Fallen but haven't read it yet! Let's hope it's good (:
Great finds!