Saturday, 30 April 2011

well done Erica Louise,

Congratulations to Erica from Melbourne Op shop Tours, and to the Fourth Daughter, and the rest of the ''stars'' who appeared this evening on Coxy's Big Break on Channel 7. Story Title: Op Shop Tour 
What a great idea for Mothers Day, a bit of a tour around the best Op shops, with Erica and her team advising all the way.
Loved the way they dressed the presenter too.

more info from

and have I been Op shopping lately... WHY YESSSSS of course I have, all over the Eastern Suburbs of Melb. and here are a few of my 'finds'


Erica Louise said...

Lyndel, thanks so much for such a lovely mention, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Hooray for your Op Shop finds too
Erica x

Rachel said...

I found the same vintage sheet last year: I LOVE the print! Great finds!

Anonymous said...

Before I kill my hubbiw who forgot to let me know when it was 5.50pm can someone please send a link so that I can watch the segment of Coxy's Big Break.

I am unable to find a link at the moment, surely someone has it?

Please save my marriage someone.

Anonymous said...

Erica, you have got to have a copy of this segment. I missed it too. Let us know if you are going to feature it on your blog.

Anonymous said...

I did not know about this until now. I would love to see it. I will check in later to see if anyone has provided a link.

Jenny said...

Thanks for the mention guys - Erica did do a fab job and we're very pleased. Not sure if there's a link yet but we're getting a copy in the mail so we will put that up when it arrives!!

Happy op shopping everyone :)

Melbourne Op Shop Tours

EmilyKate said...

Wow. love those teatowels or are some of them tablecloths? Now those sheets, I was opshopping yesterday and noticed a shopper with those floral sheets in a bag out of the corner of my eye, because I have them too! I wonder if it was you! I was doing the shops around Malvern/Caulfield.

Lyndel said...

hi EmilyKate, no,not Malvern, my florals came from up Blackburn way, and they are Pillowcases. The Teatowels are the stunners, I especially like the one with the perfect family being served a perfect dinner by a perfect Mummy!

secondhandrose said...

Congratulations to Erica and the crew for the TV segment. I enjoyed it!
Love your tea towels Lyndel.

Miss Claire said...

I love EVERYTHINg in your op-shop haul! Especially the pillow cases. I picked up a pair of vintage cream gloves on friday, for $1! Cute!

I dont't have a TV, so i hope the show is posted online too!


Fourth Daughter said...

Thanks Lyndel! I LOVE that tea towel... a way to vicariously be the perfect lady who can actually cook several things and serve them up at once!

Erica Louise said...

Here is the link to the segment that can be viewed on my blog