Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Op Shop Guide Victoria

I received a press release yesterday for a new Op Shop Guide being published by Kelly Lainson.
It said
"Kelly Lainson, a resourceful and ethusiastic bargain hunter, has compiled an extensive alphabetical listing of Victorian Op Shops.
The 'Op Shop Guide(Victoria)' is a stylish, practical and easy reference directory to locating and shopping at these valuable outlets.
There are over 380 pages detailing 773 Op Shops. It delivers an overview of the stores' purposes, location and operational details."
There's a bit more but that's the basic idea. I haven't seen this guide but it does sound good although I think the postage for a $24.95 book - $12 postage is a bit much. I will probably still buy it. I guess it could be ordered from a bookshop as the ISBN is 978 0 646 54626 1.
For more information contact
Kelly Lainson on 03) 59980017
P.O Box 1049
Blind Bight
Vic 3980


beck said...

Sounds interesting, if a little pricey! Could be a good investment though :)

Nelly said...

May find them at an opshop cheap one day? ha ha well would be nice

coldlight said...

Sounds like an interesting book to look through! Would love to visit more op shops that aren't in my area. I wish books were cheaper though! (That's why I'm a frequent at my local library, hehe)

Lyndel said...

I'll have a look at one before I buy, last time I bought a book on op shops (quite a few years ago now) I HATED the layout, it was divided into 'areas' that I just could not relate to, with hard to follow 'reference maps'.
spiral bound would be nice too, to lay flat on the passenger seat as you drive around!!

Infolass said...

The author has a website at
and you can follow her on Facebook

Anonymous said...

I just purchased this book after reading about it here, was so excited to see a current guide available. Sad to say I am very un-impressed. I wish I hadn't spent the $29.95 (that's what it cost at Dymocks in Camberwell). Presentation is fine but the 'details' of each shop are so general. For example all salvation army's are listed seperatly but with exactly the same description for each, this is the same with all the chain stores (salvos, vinnies etc). If you took out all the repeated descriptions, the guide would be very short. I even read in one description for an op shop disabled access in some stores, please ring for one nearest to you... how is that a description about that particular store??? If you are looking for a list of op-shops with opening hours & contact details this book is just fine.

Also I live in Hawthorn and know of at least two op shops that have both been there for years that are not mentioned at all(this includes a very large Vinnies).

Obviously this is only my opinion but I would recommend looking at a copy of the guide before purchasing.

Nelly said...

Dear Anon that is such a shame to hear.I always said that if I got a chance to travel Aus Id do a book on opshops but I would have pictures of the shops and great descriptions on prices and service.Maybe you could do one that would give better description?I hate wasting money on disapointing things its why I opshop instead of buy new.

pearl said...


Didn't mean to remain anom, checked that option by mistake... Thanks for the reply, your idea sounds great. I would love to do it but don't think I would have the time to do it properly. Would take ages to go to everyone. I'm sure a passionate op shopper will do it one day.