Wednesday, 9 January 2008

primrose pringle

I'm not usually fond of the colour yellow but this jumper caught my attention and just wouldn't let go when I visited the Brotherhood of St Laurence on Glenferrie Road, Malvern last weekend.

It's made by Pringle of Scotland "by appointment to her Majesty the Queen" and cost $10. It's lovely and soft and has grosgrain ribbon trim on the button band. That's something I love about op shopping - you can afford to buy things that you otherwise wouldn't risk. You can also buy things that you otherwise wouldn't end up anywhere near under normal shopping circumstances (I could open my own Supré store with all their stuff that I find in the op shop but that's another story altogether).

I bought this fabulous blouse a few weeks ago from the Salvation Army. I find it very difficult to get blouses that fit me well, without, er, straining across the front and as such spend my life in t-shirts. This one, however, is perfect. Rusty is a surf and streetwear label that I would never have considered otherwise. Thank god for the Salvos!


amelia said...

Ha! I gave a top exactly the same as that to the salvos a few months ago! I loved it but I grew out of it and it was just sitting in my wardrobe being looked at hahah. It would have been put in the Montmorency bin possibly? Maybe its the same one!

amelia said...

Oh my! Your name is Amelia as well! could this be the biggest coincidence!?! hahah

Vanessa Berry said...

Pringle makes good jumpers, my favourite, now unfortunately too holey to wear, jumper is a Pringle.