Sunday, 20 January 2008

frock anyone???

.... I love to collect old, dresses, coats, blouses well anything really!

It's one of those real hit and miss affairs, waiting patiently to discover a forgotten gem.
Going for ages and coming away with nothing, such is this game we all play!

I struck it pretty lucky on Friday though with 4 amazing dresses in one place and for only $2 a piece.
Sheer orange/tangeriney goodness, with a very full skirt and petticoat.

Both are tiny sizes and I would have to have several ribs removed and lose about 30 kgs to even try them on.
I think I will keep them for the girls to wear to their first dance or fancy party or just to dress up and swan around!

The huge amount of pleating and pin tucking with starchy yellow polyester makes my heart sing!!

Not sure of their ages as I'm pretty shocking at dating this kind of thing.

Now to some frocks that actually fit! All from the same shop Vietnam Vets Op Shop, Erica St Boronia. Both handmade from what I can make out.

A pull on stretchy blue number with a sweet scalloped neckline, missing the tie but I'm sure I can improvise!

And finally a watermelon georgette beauty,I think this one is begging to be worn to church!

So I may go for months or even longer before i hit it this lucky again, and that's fine by me!!

love fi