Sunday, 27 January 2008

Salvos, Oakleigh

I'm a regular visitor to the Oakleigh Op shops and in particular, The Salvos at 50 Atherton Road. Like all Salvos stores, I find them to be a bit pricey at times, but it is a large store with a wide variety of goodies.

My most recent finds include this pristine set of Golden Hands craft magazines, which despite what I said about The Salvos often being pricey, cost a measly $5.75.

They were published as hardcover books in the late 1960s with a particularly lurid mustard yellow cover and I remember my Mum had a well thumbed set. Golden Hands was also published in a magazine "collect one each week and get your free binder with edition 1" format, which is what excitedly uncovered a month or so back. They are in amazing condition, with all 70 magazines in place, with all pull out patterns and leaflets unused.

Although some of the creations are a bit questionable (ie. the Beefeater pjama bag above), the patterns, tips and instructions are fantastic. I find the great thing with this series is the wide variety of crafts covered - knitting, sewing, crocheting, embroidery, etc.

Another one of my favourite buys from this store is this pretty pressed glass bowl which I think was about $5.00.

Last week this store had an Alannah Hill lurex knit top for $14.75. I think from memory it was a size 14.


Stephanie said...

I got excited about Alannah Hill, size 14, but lurex put me off... waifish women can do it but not me!

Bronwyn said...

Thanks for your invite Amelia - I would love to join the team.

joyflea said...

I have the Golden Hands binders too. But I see that there were 5 binders and I only have 3. I'll have to hunt down the other two now. They are a wealth of information.

julzlarner said...

golden hands is how I learned to knit croche and sew love them to death they were given to me by an elderly neighbour when I was sixteen I however lost them in a break up ten years later. Best books ever