Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Tea, anyone?

For years I have been dragging my boys out to Watsonia for their hair to be cut- my eldest son was always a major wrigger/screamer at the hairdressers, so we went there to go to Hair for Kids. On the way there, we pass a retirement village with an op shop. (Have just checked the google map on the side bar, and Amelia has already marked this one “Strathalan Opportunity Shop, Macleod” – yeesh! My first post here, and I wanted to bring something new, lol) I always meant to check it out, thinking that an out of the way oppie in a retirement village may house a few treasures. I finally made it there the other day, and scored big time in the teacup department! I have had serious teacup lust for ages. I always see those beautiful old fashioned tea cups in op shops, but can’t bring myself to spend over $30 on them. The ones I found aren’t quite as amazing as some I’ve seen elsewhere, but at “one dollar for three pieces, dear” you can’t go wrong. I’m not sure how old these are, but seeing how rosey they are, and because there is a lot of gold trim and detailing, I am guessing somewhere around the 1950’s? If anyone has a better guess, I’d love to hear it!

Seeing as I was already out that way, I thought I would cruise along the Watsonia shopping strip to see what other oppies were in the area. I found three: the Salvation Army, the Red Cross and I think it’s the Brotherhood of St Lawrence which is in the church. (All of these are within I reckon 50m of each other. These are in the google map as well.)

And at the Brotherhood I discovered the perfect way to get further discounts on already dirt cheap stuff: I was at the counter looking through some vintage cards, and the woman behind the counter asks me politely, “So how far along are you?” I reply, flatly, “I’m not pregnant.” She looked so embarrassed, it was hilarious. Now I am not a fat woman, but after three children and an extreme case of laziness, let’s just say I carry around a happy little pot. I reckon she halved the total cost of my purchase!

I love this Mothers Day card. It is printed on such flimsy paper, and has such an old world feel to it. It's hard to tell from my woeful photography skills, by the writing on the front is all glittery. I love the idea of actually using this card, but I don't know if I could bring myself to write in it.
Maybe it would be different for these cards:

Again, the cardstock is really flimsy, but there are TWO of them!

These ones are so cute. Great to see the owls and birds in their last lap around the circuit...And what trip to the op shop would be complete without yet *another* apron I ask?! Or more patterns and zips??

Phew. That was one photo heavy post!!


Amelia said...

i'm so pleased to see that someone else buys as much as i do in an op shop trip! what numbers are the style patterns? they're gorgeous.

starashan said...

Style patterns, L->R 3702 and 4560 :o)

fiona said...

what a haul!! love the aprons and the sheet? hmm old patterns! better than chocolate(almost)!!

Tanja said...

I just adore that set of four op-shops too. The Brotherhood one has to be my favourite. It was great to see the fun things you bought.

Drewzel said...

Oooh, I have serious teacup love too! The ones you scored are lovely, I'd agree they're 50's era.

tikki said...

Great haul!!! You've done well, my op shopping this week has netted nothing, I think all the tourists here must be opping LOL

Anonymous said...