Tuesday, 22 January 2008

My first time

It's my first time posting here which i'm very ashamed about since Amelia added me as an author when she started the blog.
Anyway i thought i'd show you what i managed to pick up from The Brotherhood of St Lawrence in Bentleigh this past week. It's my favourite local op shop, it always has something for me when i go in there and it's nice and big, perfect for pushchairs!
First i picked up this denim skirt from the 50c rack,
which i turned into this,
And yesterday i scored some cool skirt patterns,

i LOOOOOVE sewing patterns and collect them, especially those that are pre 60's, which these obviously aren't but will most probably be made and worn (as soon as i have my pre pregnancy figure back!).


Belinda said...

Score with those skirt patterns! I have been scouring the oppies for skirt patterns for ages with no luck, and the new patterns available in the fabric stores at the moment leave a lot to be desired.
Can't wait to see what you do with them- after the baby of course :)

Tanja said...

Oh dear! That skirt you refashioned makes me think you actually liked the 80s. Ha ha ha!
Funky, though. ;)

Drewzel said...

I must say, I've only ever found good old (1940's) dress patterns in an op-shop once. Most of my locals are filled with late 80's rejects. As I currently have big arse issues, I'm not into making anything decent for myself, so I don't browse them as carefully as I could. But you got some nice ones! And super creative work on the skirt! yay!

Anonymous said...

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