Sunday, 22 May 2011

Salvos goes South American

Continuing my habit of (unintentionally) buying things on op shop trips that fit a theme, I found these goodies at the Salvos in Rowville on Saturday. They seem to have a bit of an Inca/Maya thing going on - although I am aware that those two cultures are not the same, I'm pretty sure that they both make use of some amazing patterns, such as the one on the lid of this casserole dish.

It's a Pyr
ex one, and I got it for $8.

I also found these leather bangles. Notice the Mayan? Incan? pattern on the top bangle (yes, I really need to do my research as to what culture this is actually from!!).

I'm pretty sure that both were donated by the same person, they're too similar to just be there together by coincidence.
Strangely, one was 99c and the other was $1.99 even though they are so similar. Love that random pricing system!!


Erica Louise said...

Gotta love random pricing! Your Pyrex dish is the best, I love it

Lyndel said...

oh that Pyrex!! seeing several different pieces on blogs this week has made me want to collect it...
NO!!!!! MY house is FULL already of other STUFF.♥
Good find.

Anonymous said...

Yes, love the pyrex dish! Very special, that one.

Dogstar Bazaar said...

I love Op Shops where they seem to pull prices out of this air.

"Hi, can you tell me how much the t-shirt is and the (immaculate worn once probably ) two piece suit?"

"Um, yes, the t-shirt is um $2 and the suit is .... ummm... $2.50?"

"Yes thanks, i'll have them both!

polkadotpeticoat said...

what fabulous finds.....Love the dish also!

Anonymous said...

hey cool idea about a theme ..nice one,b

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I've noticed that random pricing system too - isn't it funny? I think they have different volunteers pricing things differently - the people at the till always have a bit of a giggle at my local Salvos when this happens xo