Wednesday, 1 June 2011

New Op Shop in Melbourne suburbs. . opened June 1st

Well here's a turn up for the books!! The Lions Op Shop in Box Hill South / opposite Wattle Park in Elgar Road closed down at Christmas because the building had been sold.

[the Lions moved to Toorak Road, at the end of the Burwood Village shopping strip, where they have great items at very reasonable prices]

Today, the ROTARY Club opened a new op shop in the old Lions shop !  I popped in for a quick look (without a camera, sorry).  Was blown away by the pricing.  A rack of RETRO clothing, $20, $25 up to $45 for a red tartan Kilt Skirt !!! and $45 on a lovely 1960s nylon party dress..

They had a few racks of more reasonably priced clothing, a few books, and a few bits of bric a brac (not much), but I doubt they'll do much business with their clothing.

Will check back in a week or two, take my camera and have a better look.


Anonymous said...

There should be a reporting section at Consumer Affairs Victoria for overpricing of donated goods to Charities. This is totally unacceptable and if anyone is going to pay these prices they are encouraging these organises to keep prices high. I hope the lights turn on when turnover dims. Shameful.

Daniel Dendy said...

Seems like the wrong pricing strategy for that location (or wrong location for that pricing strategy) they really need more foot traffic from the target market such as the Brotherhood of St Laurence's Hunter Gatherer has in Brunswick St if they are going to set themselves up as a boutique.

Gina E. said...

I wondered what had happened to that opshop. My MIL lived not far from there, so I would always drop in after I'd visited MIL, but since she moved out of her house, I had no reason to go there. But I was in the area a month or so ago and noticed the opshop was gone.
Rotary opshops are notorious for being overpriced. I don't even bother going inside the door unless I see something in the window that I just can't live without!

Miss G said...

I grew up in Wattle Park with my parents owning the corner shop (was a grocery store, now a real esate agents) and over the years I had picked up some amazing things from the Lions opshop. Stuff I still have 20 years later. The Lions oppie had a big clean up some years ago and lost its bargain charm!

I dropped into this "new" opshop on Thursday and bought a cute vintage dress for $20 - I have seen similar dresses at Camberwell market for much, much more. I spoke to the lady about pricing and they were very conscious about keeping their prices as low as possible. I have been so constantly disappointed with opshops pricing things ridiculous because the garments have a good label - regardless of the fact that the item is worn out, stained etc…. I also bought a stack of fabric pieces for quilting/crafting - the largest piece was $3. All up I spent about $40 and thought I got good value for money.

The thing with vintage clothes in op shops is that boutique vintage clothing shop owners will come through and buy from charities at low prices and on-sell for much higher prices. Why shouldn't the charities benefit from those profits instead? If they are still charging much less than boutique vintage stores then I think that's ok.

It's when i see a Target t-shirt priced at $8 that I get all crazy… you can buy them new for that price! I thought it was ok and was being run well. I might even volunteer!
x Miss G

lizzie said...

I was really excited when sitting at the lights and noticed that a charity shop had returned. Called in the next day.
Found a Zimmerman shirt $20.00. and beautiful Zara jacket $25.00. I don't feel that their prices are over the top at all.
Anonymous- there is no law to stop shops selling goods at any price. At the end of the day OP Shops are a business , they have expenses and they need to riase funds to sport their charities.
Have you been to Savers or even the Salvos- now their prices are high.Been to Hunters and Collectors, Shelia's closet or event Red Cross- these are all shops working for charities and their prices are higher than this new shop. Give m a break.
I have to agree with Miss G, How many times have you seen dealers come in and snap up a bargain to resell on Ebay.
I am going back when I get paid next week.
Besides, the shop smelt good!