Saturday, 14 May 2011

Helping hand mission oppy

Hey all!

Will hopefully get on soon with some pics etc , but for now wanted to let everyone know about a great new op shop that's opened up in Airport West this week
It's on Kighton Ave, just off Fullarton Road, and well worth the visit if you're over that side of town (I work in the next street, so I think i'll be becoming a regular visitor).
Almost everything is $2!
I bought some boots($2) and two tops($2 each), and a great belt for one dollar.

It's not huge, but there's some good selection. Heaps of kids wear and toys, maternity wear, means and womens wear. There's bolts of material (not sure how much), and smaller (but still large) peices of material for $2. Some furniture; desks and chests of drawers etc. Lots of bags and shoes and heaps of other stuff.



Lyndel said...

thanks for the heads up Kat, bit out of my way, but worth remembering next time I'm over that side of town

secondhandrose said...

Sounds good!

Ren said...

Oooh this one sounds very much like the op-shops from my uni days back in the early 1990s in Geelong. Wish I was closer! Bit too far to walk from yarraville, I think. Looking forward to reading all about your future finds.

Cass said...

I went yesterday after reading this blog post as it's really close to my house..
I highly recommend it! I spent $20 and left with arms full of clothing and homewares! I've been trying to get back in to op shopping lately but the ridiculous prices have turned me off.. This store is my solution - love it!