Wednesday, 24 October 2012

a happy surprise

 I have been rather limited in my op shopping of late - a rather nasty virus is doing the rounds.

However, I do have something to share.

A visit to the Salvos resulted in some additions to my wardrobe - I haven't taken pics yet.

I picked up some oil  and watercolour paints as well and as I was leaving I saw this gorgeous doggy trio.  These particular little ceramics are made in Japan and it one thing that my husband encourages me to collect.  In fact he has bought me several pieces over the years.

When I saw them I hesitated because even in the op shops they can be a bit pricey but I asked if I could have a closer look (they were on the shelf behind the counter).  When I saw the price of $14.99 on the smallest one I was a little bit dismayed - mmmm   3 x $14.99 or even more? 

I am so aware that if you see something in the op shop that you really want it is no use going back later

The last purchase in this collection was this grouping of a mother cat and kitten and my husband was so thrilled that my op shopping had revealed this little treasure at only $34.99 (same shop) so I knew he would want me to have these little dogs.   So I had them wrapped and was delighted to discover the price was  $14.99 - yes the price was for the 3!!!! 

 They have settled in well and now I realise how much dust there is on this cabinet.


Anonymous said...

Great picks today Dian but you do have fabulous taste and we do enjoy seeing you regularly. Just so you know we looked at the pricing of the habby dept and took your observations into account. I hope you will be happy to know we are reducing out prices on habby and as you have seen, our brica also. See you next time.

Gina E. said...

I just can't believe how tinny (lucky) you are!! I've also found several boxes of paints in opshops, but never the good quality brands like Reeves!