Monday, 1 October 2012

CPS Opshop in Rosanna.

CPS has been posting here for a while to let the readers know what's new in their shop. I drive through Rosanna several times a month - to the chiropractor, and to visit Ken's Mum, but the chiropractor appointments are at night, and most of the time when I visit MIL I'm with Ken, and he doesn't want to be stopping at opshops! But this morning, I had a meeting in Viewbank, the next suburb, and as I had a free afternoon, it was the perfect opportunity to finally visit the CPS shop! It is a small shop, but packed with lots of goodies to rummage through. I was happy with my three purchases. A cute full apron, $5. Half aprons don't keep my front clean when I'm standing at the kitchen sink, but it's hard to find nice bib aprons like this. AND, it is make in Australia :-)
This book ($2) attracted my attention because the blurb likened its style to two of my favourite authors.
An ink cartridge for my ancient printer, $10. These are getting harder to find, and they cost $56 new, so I wasn't going to leave this behind!


I Love To Op Shop said...

I love following them on Facebook too, great op shop.

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