Saturday, 29 September 2012

BSL Eltham this week.

After a few weeks where nothing much was coming into our shop, it looks like the locals have started their spring cleaning in earnest. We have been flat out sorting the donations, and there has been some good stuff come in. One of the other volunteers showed me this purple scarf before she put it out in the shop. "Thought you might be able to use it for patchwork" she said. No way!! I'm into purple at the moment, and can't wait to fling this around my neck and waltz down Main Street!
This enamel brooch for $5 caught my eye in the display case. It is made in Ireland, and based on the calligraphy in the ancient Book Of Kells. I have a scarf that has Kells calligraphy on it, so I'll use the brooch to pin it up next time I wear it.
Speaking of purple, I saw this Katies blouse on the rack for $4 and decided to add it to my wardrobe of many shades of purple! It looks grey here, but in the right light it has a sort of mauve shimmer.
This extra long Millers cardigan looks great on me, as short cardigans and jackets make me look even shorter than I am. In great condition for $3.


DIAN said...

Gina, I love that cardigan, just the thing for this cold weather.

Gina E. said...

That's exactly what I thought! Winter is NOT over just yet in Melbourne...