Friday, 21 September 2012


I occasionally read on US blogs (for instance) that someone has picked up  a pair of 1970s Christian Dior boots at the thrift store and think, 'hmm, I'm not sure that a pair of Christian Dior boots even existed in Australia in the 1970s', let alone that they might be my size. But, people have brought luxury goods to Australia, either when they migrated here or home from a holiday, and sometimes those things end up at the op shop. And sometimes they're in my size!

I bought this beautiful woollen coat from the Salvation Army in St Kilda. The lines are just wonderful, the quality amazing, the fit is great!

And I love the buttons.

Do you have a luxury find to boast about?


DIAN said...

Wow, I really love the colour of that coat. Really beautiful.

Vintagesuburbia said...

Wow, you have actually scored a real find there. Aquascutum is actually a very prestigious brand in the UK which is supported and endorsed by the Royal Family. They make coats of extremely high quality and they are VERY expensive. I was given a yellow aquascutum coat, pictured here Notice it has the same lovely buttons as yours. BTW I take my buttons off the coat before dry cleaning. Its a bother and a bit of work to put them back on, but don't want the gold damaged. You could also cover them with aluminium foil to protect them (A Nicole Jenkins Circa Vintage tip). Cheers, Maria