Monday, 24 September 2012

this week at the oppie

Today I stopped in at the Vinnie's in Ascot Vale and scored some nice warm throw rugs for next winter (I am thinking positively that Melbourne will have no more cold days until next winter) This winter we didn't use our electric blanket at all and tried to minimise the use of our heater and reduced our electricity bill considerably so am planning on doing the same next winter. The crocheted one was $8 and the 'Warrnambool' Tartan woollen one was $7

Last Saturday I purchased this cute Japanese 'Maruhon Ware' dish for $3, a cribbage game for $1 and  a beautiful book about gold for $5 at the Christ Church oppie in Brunswick. The book was part of an exhibition that was on in Canberra about 10 years ago. 

 I also went to the St. John's oppie in Brunswick West and bought this 'Review' brand top for $4 and some lululemon pants for $2. By looking at the tags, both seem to be in near new condition! I also found some cute cream leather gloves for $2. Sorry about the upside down shot :o(

Op shopping is the best!!! :o)

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Charlie said...

The review top and the crocheted blankie are sublime! Well spotted.