Monday, 10 September 2012

New finds!

Hi there! So it's been a while since my last post however I have been doing some solid opshopping inbetween! Unfortunately I've forgotten to document some of it so this will be an abridged version! 
 This set was found at the Brotherhood op shop in Moonee Ponds. It is made by Armitage Australia which I think is the same company that make toilets :o) The casserole dish is massive! All of this was only $10.
My husband found these beauties in an opshop in Burnside. On the bottom they are marked Pearse Bros WA 1953 and have a metal heel and are fully nailed through the sole. The wear on them is from him as they were in new condition when he bought them. 

Now I know this is technically a Melbourne op shopping blog however I received a copy of the Op shoppers guide to Victoria for my birthday (best present ever!!!) and went on a bit of a road trip recently. Are there any readers of this blog that reside outside of the Melbourne area? Or does anyone else ever go on rural opshopping weekends away?

Our first stop was Kilmore where we went to the Anglican Op shop and the Kilmore Hospital op shop. Both of these are equally as good with heaps of bargains to be had! The Hobart serving tray was 80c, the apple dishes 50c each, the pineapple napkin holder (my personal favourite from the trip) $1, and the big jar $8. The Northern Territory tea towel was 50c but it was from our next stop at the Violet Town Community Op Shop. I really should have photographed in order of purchase!!
These tins were 30c and 50c, the mug $1 and I'm not sure how much the knitting needles were in the end? 
Also from the Anglican Opshop in Kilmore was this Pyrex coffee pot thingy for $2. My hubby is a bit of a coffee fan and likes alternate brew stuff so he was stoked with this find. He checked ebay later on and apparently they're quite pricey to buy. 

This Annapelle leather handbag was $2 at the Kilmore Hospital Oppie. It has been nicely worn in so is super soft and supple! Also at this opshop was the holy grail of vintage tablecloths. Unfortunately they were just about to close so I didn't even see half of the shop and just picked out a few of the tablecloths that looked good without even undoing them (they were rolled up and taped). Luckily none of them had any stains and were in great condition! 

This stunning retro linen cloth is unused and was $5. It's quite large and would probably fit an 8 seater table. 
These other cloths were smaller afternoon tea tablecloths and varied between $1-$2 each. The one on the right is beautifully hand embroidered on very good quality heavy linen. 

 In Beechworth I found this cute little handknitted baby cardi (or matinee jacket) for a friend at the Salvo's for $1

and this wall hanging for $2.

Last but not least, the Salvo's in Benalla turned up this Queen sized, Australian made woolen blanket for $12. I am so ready for next winter!!
 I must say, I am in love with my 'opshopper's guide to Victoria' book and can't wait to start ticking off all the Melbourne oppies!!! I might go on a few trips soon to suburbs I haven't been to :o)


Raelene said...

Wow! What a great haul! I have to find a copy of that 'opshopper's guide to Victoria'!!

muskawo said...

I live in Geelong and we have heaps of op shops down here. Unfortunately there are a lot of salvos though - and they are REALLY expensive. But there are some good ones. A vinnies that sells books by the bag for $3, a huge bsl full of furniture and clothes, and some good smaller ones.

Theres also the "tip" which sells the kind of stuff you'd usually find in hard rubbish as well as some gems. Its all stuff people chuck out, so the prices are good. Ive found some pretty amazing stuff there.

Apparently Ballarat has some good ones, too, but I havent been up to have a look yet.

DIAN said...

Great finds.

I have the chance to check out Bendigo op shops occasionally and they are great.
I agree that some of the Salvos are a bit pricey but still great value and I like the idea of recycling so it is worth it.

mothertheresa said...

Raelene, I saw that you can buy it online at but I've also seen it around in local bookstores :o)

They Call Me The Seeker said...

Great finds! I have that very same blanket, it's awesome in winter :)

Meg said...

These are some really amazing finds! I wish I had such luck!

Gina E. said...

That is a great book; I've seen it but as I have a paperback version brought out a few years ago (by someone else I think), I haven't bought the new one. From my limited experience (I hardly ever get far from Melbourne), the opshops in rural Victoria are absolutely sensational. And I certainly don't object to anyone writing a post about them here!

cookiecrumbs said...

What a fantastic lot of finds! I particularly covet that tablecloth :-) yep, regional/rural op shops are generally awesome - i recently did a road trip Syd-Melb and there were some great ones on the way (sadly my car was jam-packed already so we couldn't buy much!)

Kelly Wayne said...

Oh, what a fabulous idea! A rural op shop tour.... I'm in Perth, so I wonder if anyone has thought of that for this side of the country...Hey if no one has, I might have to do the road trip and make the guide up myself hehe. I love those little tins you found. Nice work! Kel :)

Stella said...

These are really lovely buys. You can't really find much of this type of stuff anymore. I think the country op-shops are the way to go. I would be curious to know how the Pyrex coffee brewer goes. We had one as a child but I think it remained a mystery to my mother. Love the tea-towel and table cloth but yes the pineapple napkin holder is a winner.

Aussie Jo said...

Lots of great finds there Mother Theresa!!.
I love visiting opshops wherever I go.
Colac has some nice ones for rummaging also.
I am from Geelong so quite often pop into the locals. I quite like the two Queenscliff opshops-one has a couple of old but great condition real furs at the moment, a cape and a short coat, I think they might be fox or rabbit.