Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Today I needed to fill in some time before a hairdressing appointment  so I walked over to the Salvos Store in Mount Eliza.

This is a very high quality store featuring mostly clothes, shoes, accessories and some very good china, silver and glassware.
 Today it was the fashion that caught my eye.
This little leather vest was marked at $25 and is a size 10.  Something for the young ones.

Behind it is a fake fur jacket.
 There are lots of hats - some already to wear and some waiting for personal touches.

A good place to buy that special cup day accessory.

 On this shelf there were amazing shoes.  mmmm

How about some pink ribbon shoes and a floral bag.

Sorry about the sideways pick, but these are my purchases.

A pretty china plate for $3.99, a rectangular melamine snack plate for $2.99, and a Dolce & Gabanna purse for $12.99.

 Once my hair was done I thought a little trip to Vinnies in Tyabb Road Mornington was in order.

I picked up some metallic paint suitable for fabrics etc, a doiley, led light, a couple of tins, a clothes brush, some cross stitch kits, an awl and a little porcelain pill box.

All for $14.50 - Vinnies had everything in store at half price so I was really thrilled.

My final call was to the Salvos in Tyabb Road and I found so many lovely things there.
The gorgeous little skirt is for one of the twins  I mind.  At $2.99 it was a real bargain.
 I bought some very pretty Royal Albert pin dishes (4 for $6.99) and of course some embroidered linen (99c each) and hankies.(10 for $6.99).
There are some craft items and some little farm animals and bouncey balls for the twins (I mind them 3 days a week).

A partly stitched tapestry also made it into my basket.($3.99)

I just want to make some comment about pricing in the op shops.

The Salvos in Mount Eliza is much more expensive than the other shops I call on but they have a great range of designer and top fashion items in good clean condition.  The clientele also tend to be a bit better off so can afford the prices charged. 

When I was at the Salvos store in Tyabb Road I witnessed a "customer" berating the store manager over the price of some shoes.  He claimed he could buy the "same" shoes cheaper at Rivers.  The manager explained the different brand and quality of the shoes but he was really obnoxious and "threatened" to go to the media.  I felt quite disturbed by his threatening manner as he kept pushing the woman back into a corner by his attitude.  As a response I walked over and stood beside her to show my support and he eventually left.  She did explain to him that he did not have to shop there, that she needed to pay overheads etc, that proceeds go to helping needy people.  Some people are just full of rubbish.  The staff at all the op shops I call at are invariably cheerful and helpful.

Surely we can all be civil to one another.   Now I will climb down from my soap box.


Gina E. said...

Good on you for siding with the sales lady - there are some very nasty people around who must have been bullies when they were kids, and have never stopped doing it.
I was drooling over your purchases and thinking I really must make the effort to get down that way, but common sense prevailed when I think of how much money I'd spend if I did get there...so I guess I'll keep to the northern suburbs, lol!!

Stella said...

That's really awful.I'm glad you supported her.

Charlie said...

Well done!! Both on your great purchases and on your standing up to a git! Some people don't and won't ever get it!!

cookiecrumbs said...

Well done being supportive. That man's behavior was totally unacceptable.

EmilyKate said...

Good on you for standing up for the volunteer, I'm certain she appreciated it very much.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your wonderful support the staff appreciate it immensely. Fortunately people like that are few and far between. See you soon. Regards frazzled staff member