Tuesday, 18 September 2012

$10 buys

 Today I went to the Outlook Recycle Centre at Racecourse Road Mornington to check out some blinds I had seen last week.  The blinds turned out not to be suitable but while there I picked up this gorgeous wicker basket, two little beanie toys, a mirror to decorate, a magazine,a small embroidered cloth, an electric stick mixer and some Christmas balls - all for $10.

Last week I went to the Salvos  in Tyabb Road, Mornington and found this little loom.

It is plastic and very pink but it works!
 The packaging of the loom was tatty but the top shows what it can do.

Another $10 buy.
And finally, and completely out of order, I bought this at Outlook last week.  The twins I mind will be two years old on Friday and with a bit of cleaning and furnishing this will be a perfect gift.  Although it was pricey at $10 I also picked up some doileys, a plate and a longstitch kit for a further $2, so all in all very good value.

Shopping at the recycle centre is quite different to the op shops.  Nothing is cleaned or guaranteed to work, etc.  Doileys etc are usually quite dirty and so finding what you want (need) can be a challenge.
Nothing is priced so it depends  on who is on the desk as to how much you pay.  It is always worth a visit though.

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mothertheresa said...

Wow! That loom is so cool, good find!! :o)