Monday, 17 September 2012

Too busy to opshop - saving money!

I've been on duty at an exhibition over the last three weeks, and apart from an occasional drop-in and run out, I haven't been opshopping much, and I haven't had time to even take pix of the few items I've bought, to post here.  One of my visitors to the exhibition was Sylvia who has posted on this blog in the past, and it was such a lovely surprise when she came into the gallery and introduced herself and her hubby!  She brought me a little gift of two doilies, which is such a sweet thing to do when you've never met someone except over the net - thanks Sylvia! {{hugs}}
I was passing the Salvos in Diamond Creek today and decided to spend a few minutes in there to relieve my withdrawal symptoms.  The shop has heaps of stock, and is fairly tidy, but still fun to rummage.

I came away with a length of quilting wadding for $10, some light reading (5 paper backs) for 20c each and a plastic folder for 50c.  Nothing exciting, but I was happy with those few bits!

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Silvia said...

Thank you for the thank you. Your exhibition was just wonderful and we both had a great time looking around.