Saturday, 13 October 2012

Lure of the Op Shop

A recent trip to the USA has meant I have had to severly curtail my op-shopping (and other) sprees. So as a result I haven't been posting much at all. I did not get a chance to visit any op-shops (or thrift stores as they are known there) in San Francisco or LA. I didn't really chance on any either.

However last Sunday we drove past a St Vinnies in Hampton (after visiting my partner's mum) and it was open! How do they find the volunteers to do this?

After many months of not stepping into an oppy walking into that store was like coming home.

While I refrained from purchasing an almighty great cross trainer I forked out a total of $2 for these little gems for my turn-table back at the pad.

Sorry for the terrible pic. It's me not the camera. But isn't she gorgeous? The record itself is in mint condition. I love it.
And if that doesn't get the party started

there's always a jazz interpretation of Rogers and Hemmerstein's South Pacific by the Chico Hamilton Quintet. Be bob da da dang dang dang cats and kittens!


I Love To Op Shop said...

Very nice, love the images :-)

Gina E. said...

Talk about Golden Oldies! We've got quite a few of Andre K's LPs. I should get them out and dust them off - haven't played them for years!