Saturday, 13 October 2012

BSL Eltham, Friday,

After my little spend up on Tuesday, I thought I would be good and not bring anything home on Friday after my morning's work. Ha. Pigs might fly too. Another scarf clip - $1. I've got a dozen of these, and yes I do use them, as I love wearing scarves.

One of those little melamine trays for 40c - this one with Aboriginal art. They are so handy.

Folding umbrella $3. This is a Shelta brand, and in very good condition. Great to leave in the car for unexpected rainy days.

Little folding seat $2. The MOTH says he can't pull weeds any more because he gets too tired kneeling down. Problem solved - no more kneeling! (Do you think he'll buy that?)

I was not looking for shoes on Friday. I have a lot of shoes. Maybe not as many as some of my friends, but enough for me. However, the shoes I had on were absolutely destroying my feet, and I just couldn't stand them any more, so I had a look at the shoe rack, and found these for $10. They are Italian, all leather, and SOOOOO comfortable.


Kelly Wayne said...

I heart the scarf clip - how could you not have come away with that gorgeous little thing?? I love scarf clips by the way!! Kel x

Gina E. said...

I love scarf clips too!