Friday, 17 February 2012

BSL Eltham this Friday.

It must be the new year or something...everyone has come out of their caves and started posting  about their opshop finds - yaaaay!  After posting photos of other opshops I've been to lately, it dawned on me that I hadn't taken any of the one where I work. So I asked my supervisor if it was okay and she was fine, but scurried off before I could get her in any pics!

Guess who in her spot behind the counter.  I love being behind the scenes too, but I really enjoy fraternising with our customers, talking them into buying stuff they are not sure about, lol!   See the scarf I'm wearing?  I found it in the scarf box and put it on straight away because it matched my clothes so well!

 This is the shop front.  The $1 rack of clothes on the right is all the stuff that hasn't sold after one month of being inside, and if it doesn't sell outside for $1, it goes back to the BSL headquarters to be sent to other shops.
 Right hand side as you walk in the shop.  Bric a brac on the wall shelves, jackets and coats on the circular rack, lingerie and nightwear behind that.  Right up the back is manchester, handbags, materials, craft stuff.
 Middle section with kids clothes on the circular rack, ladies skirts behind.  DVDs and CDs on the top shelf.
 Left hand side, bric a brac on the shelves, ladies blouses and tops further down, and books at the far end (you can't see them here)
 And here is today's stash.   Machine embroidered cloth $3.
 Assorted buttons, about 5c each I think.
 Bead necklace $5.
 Really cute 'farmyard' dish $3.


Kirrily said...

I live reasonably locally to this shop and, although I haven't been in for a while now, I never leave empty handed. It amazes me that I can wander around the larger chain op shops and come out empty handed, but whenever I visit the modestly sized BSL I always find some treasures.

mothertheresa said...
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mothertheresa said...

Looks like a great store! I really love those cute little bow buttons. said...

Love your items to bits :) Must visit soon.

Gina E. said...

Lots of our customers say that about our little shop, Kirrily! If you ever come in on a Friday morning, say hi - I'd love to meet you! And you too, Buttonsaffair!

Anonymous said...

Gina, you are a prolific op shopper. I have been secretly admiring your finds but I really am curious as to where you store everything and how you store it all. Can you please share your organising finese with us all.

Mim said...

Woo Hoo - there's my local Op Shop.. It's like seeing a family member! You are so right, it is a little gem of a shop. Must be all those good things that I donate to it on a regular basis ;-)