Monday, 6 February 2012

Holiday op shopping - final chapter

My final op shopping spree for the holidays was around Flemington, Ascot Vale and Essendon. On my first visit to Essendon the Christ Church oppie was closed so I had to venture back another day. Very glad I did as this has probably become my new favourite op shop! Lovely staff and very reasonable prices :o) 

Wine decanter/caraffe - Brotherhood of St Laurence Moonee Ponds

                                  World's Best Darts Player Hornsea Mug. I LOVE Hornsea!!

Glass serving spoon 20c - BOSL
SPORKS! I've always wanted some of these and for 30c a piece I couldn't resist! 
       I also scored these glasses, 30c each for the little ones and 50c each for the larger ones. Mum has always had these glasses at home so they were a bit of a sentimental purchase, plus they're always in op shops so if you break one they're easily replaced. - CC Essendon

The orange tablecloth was a bargain for $2 at BOSL and the pot holder matched it nicely I thought. It's almost like a cross between wool and hession and will be great for winter dinner parties.
The 'Historic Tasmania' linen cloth was $3 from Vinnies in Ascot Vale and the mustard NZ tablecloth (large) was $5 from Christ Church in Essendon. 

vintage dress - 6.99 Salvos Flemington

Soup Mugs 20c each - CC Essendon

Books $2 and 50c - CC Essendon

My favourite page from Home Handicrafts ;o)

Blue knit $4 CC Essendon
Yellow knit $4 Broadmeadows Care Bargain Centre Moonee Ponds

There was a little op shop in Russell Street Essendon, run by the Girl Guides or Scouts I think? Does anyone know their opening hours/days as they didn't have anything in the window and it's not on the spreadsheet.

So anyway, no more monster posts from me anymore (well, for a little while anyway) as I'm back at work now, but I'm sure I won't be able to resist a few little sticky beaks here and there! Happy hunting everyone! :o)


Anonymous said...

According to "Op Shop Guide Victoria" the essendon division girl guide op shop is open M-F 10-4, Sat 10-12.

Yarraville mum said...

Oooh you are good!

Gina E. said...

Wow, you have scored some great stuff there! I would have fought you for most of those items ;-)
I never get over that side of town; I wish I knew someone over here (north eastern suburbs) who knows their way around the western suburbs, and would be happy to navigate...