Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Something We All Know

Always surprised when the press claim op shops are the latest fashion. I don't know about the rest of you but I have been op shopping since high school and I finished that 30 years ago. I'm more a fan of the old style rummage op shop than the new 'curated' ones but each to their own.
This turned up on The Age's website today


susannah said...

Oh I totally agree!!
To me the curated ones have already been picked over and priced accordingly!

There is no thrill of the chase! No real 'find' because someone has picked it out and 'found' it already!

Ren said...

I would have to agree as well. I love the old style op shop staffed by friendly local volunteers! Give me one of those any day. I do understand the point of the posh ones though, and my teen nieces quite like them because of the emphasis of recycling in their marketing...

Anonymous said...

I have boycotted the Salvos and am just about ready to do the same with Vinnies. I refuse to pay the prices and I will not donate to them.

We pay an inflated price for Managers and tip fees when we buy anything from these stores.

I go elsewhere for a rummage these days.