Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Glenferrie Road, Malvern.

I was back in Malvern today but took my camera this time. I got to the Salvos and the new MS opshop in Glenferrie Road, and MECWA in Wattletree Road, but didn't get as far as Vinnies which is down the far end of Glenferrie Road from where I was today. Grab yourself a cuppa (or a glass of wine!) and prepare for another monster-post (love that term, Mothertheresa!).
This is the front -
And this is inside - small and crowded, just how some of you like it!  The ladies were quite happy to have their little shop photographed for this blog!!

This is what I found there today - Babushka cushion for $8
Framed paper Babushka girls, $8.  I wasn't going to buy this, but the sales lady said 'it would be a shame not to, as it came in with the cushion'.  She seemed so disappointed that I didn't want it, so I gave in.  I can use the frame for something else later I guess.

Next stop was the MS Shop. Here is the shopfront, and two photos inside showing clothes on one side and bric a brac on the other wall. It looks a bit sparse in the photo, but that is only because it was so beautifully arranged and they have so much space. They also have lots of shoes and books, but they were down at the other end of the shop, and there were quite a few people around, so I didn't get a chance to take any more photos.  They were also delighted to be featured on our blog, and the manager explained to me that the stuff they don't sell gets sent to Africa for the people in need over there. I didn't buy anything there today.

Finally I visited the Salvos. Their shop is average size, and although they have a lot in there, it is still fairly tidy.  I bought two books here for $4 each, and when I hesitated, she asked if I was a senior, so I flashed my cards, and she gave me 20% discount!

On the way home I stopped off at the other Salvos in Asburton, but didn't take any photos, as I've posted one here before.  But here is what I bought:
An old picture postcard of a Native American Indian (Ken collects these photos) $3.

 Two aprons for the oldies in our local nursing home.  $5 each, but when I told the lady on the counter who they were for, she gave me both for $5 - nice!
 An old book (well, 1979) on the world's dirtiest jokes!! $2.
 Length of fabric that looks like it is for a sarong, but I'll use it in a quilt project.  $4.
 Summer socks $2

The total of this lot was $21, but during the course of our conversation at the counter, it came out that she used to live in Eltham, and I work at the opshop there, so I got everything for $13!


Clothes Martha Loves said...

I loved your post - especially the great photos. I will add these fantastic op shops to my 'To Visit' list!

Ren said...

Thanks Gina, great post.