Sunday, 5 February 2012

Friday at BSL Eltham.

On Thursday I spent the day in Malvern, and took the opportunity to check out the new opshop in Glenferrie Road.  There are already some great opshops in that strip - Vinnies, Salvos, and Mecla (I think that's what it's called - it is one of the old fashioned tiny shops that some of the readers here prefer to rummage in!).  The newest shop is an MS opshop, and it is of the new style - large, airy, and well organised - sorry!  I bought a book there, and a pack of playing cards at MECLA, but neither are worth photographing for the blog.
However, back on home ground at the Brotherhood on Friday, I found some neat stuff as usual!
A box of soaps shaped like roses for $3.
 Each rose is made up of soap petals, you break one off to use - very different!
 Souvenir scarf for a friend who collects them.  50cents
 A larger scarf for the same friend if she wants it - this one was $1.50 because it is a lot bigger, and also a very unusual design.  What looks like stripes of light here is actually the texture of the fabric.
 Old fashioned linen tea towel for 80 cents.  Great for embroidering cute designs on to.
 Pale blue cotton slacks - but not a good photo of the colour.  $4.
 Poster of a lion cub - very cute!!  $1.

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