Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Three Times the Fun in Kew

For a long time there was only one op shop in Kew - a little op shop tucked in beside the Church on the corner of High Street and Pakington Street, but now there are three all located within a few minutes walk of each other. I visited all three recently, and here are some of my finds.

1. MS Op Shop (290 High Street)

This new MS Op Shop is well laid out and well presented. They currently have 50% off clothes and shoes. Unfortunately I didn't see a lot this day, but I did walk out with these two new Star Wars mugs for $2.99 each.

2. CMS Church Op Shop

I bought three books for a $1 at the little Church Op Shop. Here is one of them. This is really a beautiful book. I only wish I could paint...

3. Salvos Op Shop (243-247 High Street, Kew)

Salvos opened its Kew op shop late last year, and this one is in the new modern op shop style with polished concrete floors and a cosy reading corner. They also have a small children's area with toys and clothes at the back of the store. This is one of my favourite op shops as I usually find something great here. They have a good selection of clothes and often have new dresses for sale, although these are usually priced at the higher end of the spectrum (i.e. more than $5o).

Unfortunately when I visited this week, they were moving all their stock around, and many of the homeware items were in crates on the floor, but I still did manage to find this great milk jug with a sheep design ($3.99).

I also bought this stunning Japanese lacquerware bowl for $5.99.

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Gina E. said...

Hi Martha, the ladies at the MS shop in Malvern told me about the MS shop in Kew; it sounds great! Kew isn't so far from me; I must drive over there one day soon...