Friday, 24 February 2012

This is my first post for I Op Therefore I Am. I am an avid op-shopper but, like most of us at some time, have had to curtail my purchases over the years. While I am always looking for clothes it’s crockery and pictures I love the most… and scarves….and anything with Peanuts characters on it. also have a thing for dressing gowns. Oh, and wooded bowls (it’s an evolving list).

The pictures are of my wonderful purchases almost a year ago from trip to Lakes Entrance at the Uniting Church. I love this dinner service and use it all the time. I am unsure if there are pieces lost or not. I don’t care. I find it endlessly cheerful and stylish.

It is Sunflower by Ben Siebel. I did not know anything about this designer when I bought it but I knew I loved it as soon as I clapped eyes on it. They were some ridiculously cheap price of around 50c or $1 a plate and all in excellent condition (I gave a nice rounded price). I have since done some research – via the internet.

I bought the lamp as well which I have since given away to a very happy friend. But the wooden bowl has stayed.

The op-shop is connected to the church, in fact I think it used to be the church and was big and clean and well ordered. My sister, niece and I stumbled on it on our way out of town to head over Mount Hotham on our way to Bright. We loaded up! Then we hit Omeo and I found all sorts of goodies. But will leave that for next time.

I volunteer once a month at my local op-shop and will include some pictures soon.

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Gina E. said...

Hi Stella, welcome to the Blog! It is always good to see a new person posting about their finds.
I love those sunflower plates; I'd use them every day too, if they were mine!
Which opshop do you work at? I'm at the Brotherhood in Eltham every Friday morning.

Anonymous said...

Those are lovely plates!

Anonymous said...

I've never understood the fashion for plain white plates!

Stella said...

Thanks for the lovely comments.