Thursday, 6 February 2014

Savers at Greensborough.

I'm back at work at the Brotherhood in Eltham, and have bought a few bits and pieces, but nothing exciting enough to post about on here.  But I've been after a microwave dish to replace the glass one that I broke a month ago.  Our microwave oven is nearly 40 years old, and works perfectly well, so I see no need to replace the whole thing, but of course the glass dish was made to fit that oven, and it is impossible to buy a new one.   I've seen heaps of microwave plates in opshops, so I started looking.  Our shop had one, but it was far too big.  So yesterday I went to Savers, and again, they had a couple, but not the right size.  However, while I was there...
I'v been using square cloths on our round kitchen table for years, but we'v just got a newer and slightly larger table, and my husband asked why I don't have any round cloths.  I could have told him they are too expensive, but instead I bought this one for $3.99.  Looks like it has never been used, so will just need a quick wash and press,

We've got two of this series of Australian bird plates, but didn't have the wrens, so I grabbed this for $$5.99.

Black gingham cross stitched cloth $1.99

Beautifully embroidered vintage linen cloth $3.99

Art book $3.99

But no microwave plate.  So I went on to Vinnies in Briar Hill and voila!  The right size, $3.50.  The underneath bits don't fit our oven, but it sits in there allright, so I'm not worried.

Couldn't resist this little chook for 50 cents.

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RobynJ said...

I'm so glad you found the plate for your microwave.

The crossstitch tablecloth is possibly from the sixties. I think that's when my auntie used to do lots of it making gingham aprons, tablecloths and napkins. Quite the rage at the time.