Saturday, 16 March 2013

lot's of shopping

 I have been doing quite a lot of opping lately.  Some by myself and some with my middle daughter.

The beautiful mirror was just what I was looking for: it will be lovely downstairs.  I paid $10 for it at Outlook in Mornington.
 The sparkly top in great condition is by Geoff Bade.  Great with black pants.  $15.  Vinnies.
 This sweet little tin was also from Vinnies.  $0.99. Mornington.

I was unable to resist these beautiful doileys.  Only $2 each.  A great buy.
 And more.  All handstitched with lovely edges.
   I bought this little glass "box" which was made in Italy.  Does anyone know anything about this piece?  It is very pretty.
 It was only $3!!!  A real bargain in  my opinion.
 And then there were the tea towels.

So many to choose from but I had to stop somewhere.
 Lovely new linen tea towels are so good to have stacked up ready for use in the kitchen.
 And finally I bought these posters
for a young friend in Sydney. 

There are six posters which were put out by the Australian War Memorial.

I know Declan will love them.

These were only $1.00 each at Vinnies in Oakleigh. 

It is ages since I have been to this shop and my daughter was planning a trip there  this week so of course I couldn't resist the opportunity.

It is a fairly big store in a side street off Warrigal Road and they have a huge variety of items.  Lots of clothes, shoes etc as well as a big collection of retro furniture.  Lots of bric-a-brac and linen.  I found their prices over all to be quite reasonable although doileys were too expensive at $5 a piece.

After Vinnies we we went to the Salvos in Atherton Road, Oakleigh.  Another great store with some beautiful glassware and craft suppllies.

I will show you what I bought there some other time.


Anonymous said...

Excellent finds! I paid $25 a mirror like that. Love the tea towels too.

Gina E. said...

Wow! What a great lot of loot! Are those two of the shops we went to with Lyndel? I come to think of it, we decided Oakleigh was a bit too far off course on the day we were over that way.
Don't you wonder where some of that stuff comes from? The glass box looks as if it could be valuable, but don't quote me - no expert!

Mezz said...

great op shopping finds! ive been doing an awful lit of opping too...must be sumthing in the air! very pretty doilies....

mezz (aka mezz makes stuff)

cookiecrumbs said...

Wow well done! That mirror is smashing (haha) and I'm quite jealous of the tea-towels :-)