Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Opshopping in High Street Kew.

I was in Kew to meet a friend for lunch today, and as soon as we had parted company, I took off to visit some of the great opshops over there.  I wasn't disappointed!  First stop was the Salvos where I found a "Rivers" ladies watch for $12.99 (why don't they just label it $13 - that is what I paid for it) in good going order..
I think I missed one or two shops along the road because I'm sure there were more the first time I went along here, but never mind, my next stop was at the M.S. Shop where I found two books -one of Bill Bryon's humorous books for $4,
 and this hardbacked book about the history of Melbourne's eastern suburbs, apparently put out by Fletcher's Real Estate who sell a lot of properties in the region.  I love books about the past like this, and thought it was a bargain at $2.

A craft kit with stencils, rubber stamps, brushes and paint, for $6.  It looks like fun!

About a mile down the road I stopped at the Kew Senior Citizens opshop where I spent $9 on a pack of videos for Ken (he goes into hysterics over this t.v. show),
$3 on this little scarf (love anything with Big Cats and their fur patterns printed on stuff)
$3 for this cute little book.

My final stop was at the Doncare shop in Macedon Plaza on my way home from Kew.
Mauve Binchy paperback $1.
 Length of white and gold lace, and silver ric rac - never seen that before! $2 for both.
 Metre or so of patchwork fabric $3.  What the heck did I buy this for?  I've got a cupboard full of fabrics and no sewing machine at the moment!  (Well, not working anyway).
 ANOTHER pack of these Secret Shopper cards for $1.  I keep finding them all over the place.  This deck is about cafes and restaurants with an ethnic flavour around the Melbourne CBD.

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DIAN said...

Good shopping Gina. So many wonderful bargains.
I love the Bill Bryson books. So funny.,