Sunday, 17 March 2013

Op shop Karma!

My housemate & I often see things for each other when opshopping. Recently at Salvos Williamstown I spotted this adorable side table for $15 which I knew he would love:

I love modern technology as much as I love retro furniture; I took a photo with my phone, texted it to him & he called me back a few minutes later to say 'buy!'
On my way out of the shop I spied this gorgeous shell-inlaid globe sitting sadly in the driveway with some things that looked like they were headed to the tip. The axis was broken, and sure enough they were going to chuck it, but when I asked the shop lady how much they wanted for it, they sold it to me for $5. Housemate says he can probably fix it, so everybody wins.

A few days later my flatmate returned the favour when he snuck off to Newport Vinnies and brought me back five Burda Moden magazines from the early 1970's.They were $3 each,

Then also on two separate trips to the Lighthouse in Footscray we found some bargains. The coffee table was $5, Calvin Klein t-shirt $3, pile of wool sweaters $3 and $4 each, wool skirt $3, teal Cue jacket $5, and two pairs of really nice, lined, wool-blend slacks, $3 and $4.

Last but not least I hit Savers in Footscray last Friday. When I saw this for $5 I couldn't resist!

The fact that it's an orange sandwich toaster was almost enough, (I love anything orange, especially retro 70's orange) but I thought that was a great price. Yet to see how well it works - have to give it a good clean first.

Hope you all found some bargains on the weekend! Bye for now!


Kellie @ Delightfully Ludicrous said...

LOL! I think we used to have one of those toasters when I was a kid!

Gina E. said...

Geez Cookie, don't let that man out of your life! I can't imagine my husband fossicking around in opshops and bringing home stuff for me!! It's hard enough to get him to follow me into an opshop!

DIAN said...

fabulous buys. Must make my way out of my usual neighbourhood again soon.
Love the table in the first pic.

Lyndel said...

terrific finds. well done you!!