Thursday, 21 March 2013

Savers at Greensborough.

Yesterday I had to take my sewing machine into Greensborough for repairs. As the sewing machine place is right next door to Savers, I dragged reluctant husband in there just for a quick look.  I stopped at the books first, and he said 'Oh no, you're not going to be long are you?"  I took pity on him and moved on to the bricabrac, and he was slightly more interested in that than the books.  Then he moved across and started going through the menswear.  In the meantime I'd checked the manchester and found no embroidery of interest, but I did buy three hand towels to replace some at home that are just about threadbare.  They were $1.99 each.

On the Materials rack I found this 2 metre length of printed denim for $2.99.  I just love it!  Looks like little handkies are poking out of the pockets but of course they are just printed on.  Don't know what I'll do with it (not suitable for quilting!) - anyone have any ideas?

  While we were inspecting the bricabrac I discovered this little wooden manniken.  The tutor at my art class had one exactly the same at the class last week, and she showed us how useful they are to learn to sketch the human figure.  I don't know how much they are if they are new, but I was more than happy to pay $7.99 for him!  (I got 15% discount on everything with my Savers loyalty card - yipee!)


DIAN said...

Gina, I love the little manikin - what a great buy. The hand towels are lovely too.
The fabric would make a nice shopping bag.

sister outlaws said...

Ooh I think I'm due a visit to Greensborough!

Gina E. said...

Great idea, thanks Dian!