Wednesday, 20 February 2008

What do you do... (UPDATED 21 Feb)

... when you find something you've been craving, but it's in the wrong size?

Do you buy it and find a friend who could use it?
Do you turn it into something else?
Do you buy it and live in denial, pretending it does fit?
Or do you leave it there and wish it all the best?

I just found cherry 8-up Docs. They are my favourite shoes, and they're made in England, not the new cheap ones. Unfortunately they're size 6 (AU size 8 women's) and I need size 7 (9). I already have cherry 8-up Docs, but they're my wedding shoes, so I only wear them on special occasions. And my other Docs both need repairs/retirement. I was so excited to see them there, they're in excellent condition. Oh, so sad. Anyone want me to buy them for you? I just can't bear to see them sitting there. Only $4.

I could squeeeeeze into them, but I figure the love will wear off pretty quickly with sore toes squished in. Oh, the craving!

I'll keep looking for cherry mary-jane Docs - my ultimate craving.

In case you're wondering, this is how much I like my cherry Docs...

UPDATE: I decided that I could not leave them there, so I rang up my SIL (who wore blue docs as a bridesmaid at our wedding) and asked if she would wear them. She's stoked, and so am I. I went to buy them this morning, and I had to argue about the price. The lady would only take $3 for them, even though I was insisting on paying the stated $4. She won, and I have a lovely present for my SIL. All's well that ends well.


Kelli said...

could you try stretching them? Being leather you might be able to shove them full of wet newspaper or take them to a cobbler who could stretch them?

Drewzel said...

How about buying them and lending them to a smaller footed friend to see if they can stretch 'em?
I got my (black) Docs from the oppy too :P
And I love that wedding pic!

Tanja said...

Kelli, I don't think they'll be able to be stretched enough to be comfortable. :(

Drewzel, I decided to just see if I could find a friend who would like them.
It's one of my favourite wedding pics. Shame DH isn't in it with me.

Anonymous said...