Friday, 29 February 2008

Crafty Finds

I had to get out of the house yesterday, so I decided that I would go op-shopping with the specific purpose of finding myself a brown shirt to use for my Brown Owls uniform. I found 2 brown shirts, one long sleeve (which looks brand new) and one short sleeve (Jag brand).

I had a search through the craft sections and found some nice fabrics and some more craft books to add to the collection.

I also found some packets of elastic and a little bag full of ribbons and string...........but then I found the piece de resistance for todays litlle outing......The Womans Day Book of Handicrafts from 1978! It was $1.50!

If anyone is on the lookout for craft supplies, St Vinnies in Hoppers Crossing had 3 flower presses, quite a few embroidery hoops, a few different types of dress fabrics, and lots of wool. They also had a Knitting Nelly with a set of instructions (I was really tempted to buy it but I already have one). They also had a few craft books and lots of cook books. The Salvos in Hoppers Crossing didn't have many craft supplies, but they did have a good book section. Lots of craft books, especially knitting and flower type crafts (flower arranging, dried flower crafts etc).

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Stephanie said...

The book you found looks fantastic!!