Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Now I lay me down to sleep

I'm always on the lookout for pillowcases.

I actually have quite a nice collection now & the linen press is always my first point of call at the Oppy.

I picked up some beauties today at the Epilepsy Op Shop in Kew & The Salvos in Balwyn.


Tanja said...

Do you use them as pillowcases, or do you sit and stare at them (they're very pretty), or do you make things out of them?

Stephanie said...

I'm SURE I have the sheet to match the p-case third from the bottom!
(Though it is now cut up and made into other things!)
LOVE linen from the oppy.

Stephanie said...
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Aussie Jo said...

These are lovely fabrics, they tone really well together. Maybe you could make a quilt out of some to dress the bed completely.