Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Antique Silver

Hi all, I'm Amy and this is my first post for I Op Therefore I Am. I thought you might like to see the art deco tea set I picked up at my local op shop (the Blackburn Epilepsy Op Shop) today.

New tea set

This was displayed in the window (they put the good stuff in the window!) and I walked past it three times before I went in to inspect more closely. It's in good condition, just some of the silver has worn off the milk jug. It was $25 which seemed like a good price but I'm no expert on silver so I don't know if it was a bargain or not.

The bottom is marked "Empire Plate E.P. N.S." which this page www.silvercollection.it/AMERICANSILVERPLATEMARKSE.html tells me is from the Brooklyn based Empire Silver Plate Co. I found a very similar tea pot (no milk jug or sugar bowl) on eBay for $45, so maybe it was a bargain?

I've had my eye out for a sugar bowl for a while as, at the moment, we just have a big canister (holds at least 2kg of sugar) on the bench and it's a bit unwieldy. I didn't really need the teapot, I have three others already but I think it's quite beautiful. Perhaps I'll start collecting them :)


starashan said...

I have no idea on prices, but I love that set, beautiful pieces!

Aussie Jo said...

I'd say a bargain and beautifully shaped as well. Love it

Stephanie said...

I'd pay $25 for that! It's lovely.

Estate Sterling said...

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