Thursday, 21 February 2008


When I go op shopping, I'm usually on the lookout for three things:
  • Embroidered hankies (my latest obsession)

  • Buttons

  • Doilies

If you know of a shop that has a great stash, I'd love you to leave a comment telling me where it is!

The Southern Op Shop at 51 Florence Street, Mentone has a fantastic selection of buttons. Best of all, they've sorted them into sets and sewn them on to little cards. They've pinned them up on the wall in an area covering about 3m x 1m.

The ones shown above are from this shop and also Temcare at 5A Station Street, Oakleigh.

I saw this cute tea set at The Salvos in Atherton Road, Oakleigh.


Jeremy said...

Out of curiosity, did you buy the tea set or just photograph it? Thanks for reminding me to document and post about the crockery set I bought last year! :)

Lele said...

Those buttons are beautiful! I always love to look at them in the fabric stores, but they're horribly expensive!
Happy Hunting!

Anonymous said...

The oppie in Huntingdale Rd Huntingdale (just up the rd from Oakleigh) had some good doilies when I was in there on Thursday but they don't usually have them so don't know how long they will last :)

Suse said...

Savers at Greensborough has a gazillion doilies.

Stacey said...

Thanks so much for the heads up about the doilies!
And Jeremy - no I didn't buy the tea set, nor the one I pictured in a previous post about the Family Life shop in Cheltenham.

Gina E. said...

The doilies at Savers in Greensborough are mostly crocheted, not embroidered, so don't rush over there looking for nicely stitched doilies or tablecloths! I'm in there several days a week and there hasn't been any decent embroidered stuff there for at least a year.