Friday, 22 February 2008

north melbourne opping

North Melbourne Library is hosting a talk from Kristie Montagu of The Treasure Hunter's Guide fame - Wednesday March 5, 6.30pm, free, and phone to book on 96589700. North Melbs is also getting in on the op shop action by offering a cheap bus tour of op shops in June (what a cool idea!) - download their brochure from the Neighbourhood centre for details. Should you score some amazing clothes that you want to give a new life, Thread Den hosts "Alter Your Ego" events on a monthly basis where for $15, you take your clothes in, pick their brains in terms of what you can do, and there's sewing machines there for your use.

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MildlyCrafty said...

Hey thanks for that info Kylie, I might just sign up for the op-shop tour!