Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Green with envy

Green with envy? Why, you ask?
Because I'm envious that some lucky person would fit into this dress and I don't!
I found this at the Doncare op shop in North Blackburn last week. They were having a sale - fill a plastic bag with clothing and pay $2 for the bag! It felt like stealing!! I got this dress because it is in great condition and I love the design. It's the waist that's too small - perhaps one day I will fit into it? Or I may try and refashion it - any tips or suggestions would be appreciated!
I also got a novel which I am loving - pure British chick-lit trash - for $1 (so cheap that I can give away my shameful secret without further guilt!). In the $2 bag, I managed to stuff a red cardigan (currently in the wash so no pics yet), a white cotton petticoat which I am going to re-fashion, and a beautiful cream slip/petticoat. More pics soon!


deborah said...

perhaps you could make it into a skirt (add elastic waistband) and blouse and make a lovely sash in a copper colour to join it together as a dress. it is too beautiful to pass on without at least trying to make it your own.

Aussie Jo said...

You could also, if you want to keep it as a dres, unpick the side seams and add contrasting panels. Tie them in by adding an extra ruffle around the neck