Friday, 8 February 2008

More of what I love

This little woven straw gem was $2 at the Doncaster East Salvos on Doncaster Road.

I found this 1950s housecoat (dressing-gown) from an op-shop in Healesville for $3. It has to be seen ON to really show the amazing shape of it - I'll have to ask bf to take a picture for me!
Mum and I scored very well that day - mugs with 80s aerobics cartoons, vintage Sheridan bedlinen, cutlery for the caravan, and reading glasses for my "box of tricks" I collect things for, for work.


Dani said...

Love the housecoat fabric. Are you going to leave it as a housecoat or reconstruct it?

Stephanie said...

I hadn't thought of reconstructing it to be honest, I like to keep things like this in their original condition. However, I could ask my mum & sister (much better at sewing than me!) about the options for taking it up and wearing as a dress, though the sleeves might have to go.
I am quite attached to it though... :)