Monday, 18 February 2008

A sad and wierd op shop story from last year

Op shops staff and volunteers get to know each other pretty well - if op shopping together is a bonding experience, op shop working and volunteering certainly isn't any less. And you get all sorts of volunteers which is lovely. Last year we had one volunteer who was with us for several months, a lovely bloke who was much appreciated by all of us. His own struggles in life meant that he died unexpectedly and tragically several months after we first met him. We were sad and somewhat devastated - he'd become a huge part of our lives and is missed (although we are sure much more so by his closest family). It was special even though we'd only known him for months to speak at his funeral. It was quite an experience in the following weeks to put out his clothes which his family insisted on bringing into our op shop which was so important in the last months of this guys life. Quietly selling his clothes without saying anything to customers was one of the wierdest experiences of our op shop times - although somehow quite special to see his clothes having a new life with a new person - something this guy would have got much joy out of. Wierd nevertheless!

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Stephanie said...

I got a really strange feeling reading this post. What a weird and wonderful story.